The weather is finally starting to improve albeit today was still pretty freaking cold. My head almost froze off during my walk from school to the car. But at least it was sunny, which allowed for some nice photos. I had a lovely lunch today at Colette with my girlfriends, for those who haven't been I highly recommend the poulet (chicken). It was so délicieux. Great flavor, super tender and juicy. The frites on the other hand very on the dry side. I personally prefer my fries soggier.. but if you like super crunchy crispy hard fries then they are for you. The vegetable chasseur was okay too but I feel like the sauce gets boring after a few bites. The mushrooms also somewhat resembled an old rag which was definitely amusing for at least 2 minutes of our lunch. They were delicious though (don't sue me Colette!) All in all, a wonderful (and super photogenic) lunch spot in downtown Toronto!

All photos by iPhone 6

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