On 4/04/2012
My blog has always been a place for me to vent about things that I don't have anyone to tell.. but lately life has been filled with things to do and I've had less time to dream about beautifully studded Valentino heels and amazing bags. Along with the stress of school I also recently auditioned for a competition/pageant held by A1 radio. To be honest it was a fairly impulsive decision. I submitted my application the day it was due, with the mindset that I had nothing to lose. I arrived at the audition 2 hours late due to a midterm, under-dressed I might add, yet fate somehow let me make it in the final 8. I'm glad for this opportunity, and I'm just hoping to gain a good experience to add to the list of things I've done in life. After all, I would never want to look back on life knowing I didn't accomplish anything out of my comfort zone. Please show your support by following me on my CCUE microblog: http://mblog.ccue.ca/userpage.php?p=CoverGirlSally

I haven't had much time to take some real outfit photos, but I will in the next week. In the mean time, this is what I'm currently liking.. Denim on Denim. Sandals, I'm actually in love with my new Birkenstock 'Gizeh's. Pale yellow denim (yet to find the perfect pair).

ray-ban clubmaster, hope guilty t, sideways cross necklace, mango denim jacket, rag & bone mila shorts, louis vuitton key coin holder, alexander wang annette sandals, bumble & bumble surf spray, chloe madeleine duffle bag, shiseido spf

Lastly I'd just like to add that I update on twitter and instagram (user: schauli) much more frequently, feel free to follow!

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